Mental coaching for elite athletes

Mečpoint (match point – a combination of Croatian and English) provides support for elite athletes in terms of mental preparation for competitions with effective methods like NLP, logotherapy and wingwave.

Our clients are national team players, olympic athletes, both teams and individuals worldwide.
We are using English, German, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Slovenian and Serbian language and are looking forward to working with you!

” Sometimes you’re doing well, sometimes you’re not. I wanted to say to everyone that you have to believe in yourself, even if things are not going well. You may not always achieve greatest results, and may lose your motivation, but you have to believe in yourself! I think my story is true inspiration for other players.” Marin Cilic 

Communication, motivation & leadership in sports

We have created programmes which help coaches and sport managers to communicate and motivate their team efficiently, leading towards brilliant results.

NLP in Sports

Neuro-lingustic programming is a psychological method that helps us understand how human perception works, how people communicate and get motivated, how we change emotional states that block us and limiting beliefs and enter positive states. NLP visualisation, “anchoring”, belief change and mental imageries are being researched worldwide. We contribute to those researches by working on a PhD research on the impact of NLP on mental preparation in sports.

NLP Sport Practitioner and NLP Sport Master programmes are designed for elite athletes, sport coaches and sport managers and others that work with elite athlethes (nutritionists, psycologists, physiotherapists…) in elite sports that want to improve ther communication knowledge, reach personal and professional goals and manage stress.

Our programme is certified by International NLP & Coaching Institutes from Berlin, Germany and has international value.

Logotherapy in Sports

Logotherapy by Viktor Frankl helps clients to identify values and meaning in their life and work, to deal with lack of motivation, ethusiasm , fears and insecurities.

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