Dreams come from the heart, interview with volleyball player Mia Jerkov

Mia Jerkov english interview-click to listen

” I listen to my heart, ’cause dreams come from the heart!”

“Believe in your dream and work hard, and you’ll succeed”.

“There are no limits that one cannot overcome”.

“When I realized I don’t have to be perfect to bi successfull, I became what I am today”.

“I try to stay clean inside.”

“For athletes education is important, athletes are intelligent people.”Mia is a Berkley student

“Zlatan Ibrahimović- I like his honesty, he’s a football genius”.

32 years old Mia Jerkov, our client, says there’s so much she has to show on court, she’ s getting better with every year that passes. Listen to this inpsirative interview with the world famous Croatian volleyball player.